If you are looking to add one of these beautiful dogs to your family please contact us for more information and a chat 

We only breed occasionally, usually when we want a puppy to add to our show team so puppies will be available to responsible owners but only after careful screening.


We take the health and welfare of this beautiful breed seriously and test our dogs for patellas, DNA test for Pcrd-PRA and carry out annual ophthalmic examinations (BVA) and only breed from sound dogs. 


Our puppies are precious to us and are reared with loving care. Puppies will stay with us in our home until they are 12 weeks old where they will be socialised with family, friends and other dogs. They will leave us fully vaccinated and microchipped with a 5 generation pedigree, a puppy pack and a life time of help.


Current Litter - Nemesi Del Nebbioso at Enjanicka x Ocio do Lusiadas with Enjanicka available February 2022

Midnight Litter 

Born at midnight on 11/09/2016

Two beautiful boys - one Hector who now has a promising show career

Italian Litter

Born at 22/11/2017

Five girls and one boy. 

August Litter

New Litter - Born 22/08/2020

Two girls and four boys


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